Baby Boomers and Today’s High School Graduates

            With the younger generations and the baby boomer generations mixing in the work force it is important that each generation contributes and learns from one another. The younger generation will be able to know and understand the newer technology and techniques that they have learned from school. The older generation can teach the new comers from their years of experience on how the business world operates with the competing companies and what it takes to be successful. It is important that they both learn from each other so that the company they work for can be successful. For a company to be successful in today’s competitive market requires them to stay up to date with the changes in the world, and at the same time to have employees from each generation work together to combine the best of the new with the proven successes of the past.  A person that is coming out of high school will know and understand the newer versions of how grammar has change. They will also, be able to understand how the newer technology, how it works and how the internet is used as a resource much better than the older generations.  As the baby boomers are coming to retirement ages they can show the new generations of their experience at work. They can also show how to handle certain ethics and situations that have come up in the past in their line of business. In certain careers there will be a certain way of how an employee needs to handle information and distribute that information. Sometimes a work place needs to find out how the world has change the way that the process in APA and MLA has change. Other times you learn that the business likes how the old way was and you learn from the older employees that stay with older styles of MLA and APA. The main reason is that you want to keep up with the way the business and the people in that career field are most comfortable in. If the business wants to keep up with the changes of the world then the baby boomers will learn from them. If the business feels comfortable with the old style then the new and young generation will relearn how the old style was from the baby boomers. Each generation has something to offer, which can make a business a greater success.

By Jared Parsons

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