Bad Email Practices

            Have you ever received an email with so many typos and grammar mistakes in it, you can hardly understand what they were trying to get across. This is becoming a far too common in modern day emailing. In today’s society a common form of communication is texting and the use of social networking like twitter, Facebook, and myspace.  Although they make it a quick and easy way to communicate to friends and family, it doesn’t call for the most formal use of words and grammar.  Examples of the incorrect word forms people are using are slang, abbreviations, jargon and more. Because it is widely accepted in these situations, people are becoming less likely to use the proper format for professional emails.

            The problem with writing a professional email or letter in an incorrect format is it causes miscommunications between two parties, or would allow someone to believe that you are not properly educated. You only get one first impression and if it is used in slang and abbreviations, you might not give across the right impression of yourself or lose creditability with the receiver. Most of the mistakes that are in an incorrect email can be fixed by simply just proofreading before you send it. Reading it back to yourself allows you to make the corrections before you send it and don’t have to resend it with the correction. Most email replies are to clarify the previous emails sent to them and this can be avoided by reading over and correcting any mistakes or ideas the first time you send it. 

                Some examples of things not to do are:

  • Sending emails when you are angry
  • Including useless information
  •  Abbreviations or slang
  • Not putting a subject line
  • Not using complete and proper sentences
  • Capital letter(might come across as yelling)
  • Poor formatting of the email

            The use of email is a huge channel of communication in the modern society and I believe it will be around for a long time. The use of proper and professional writing only makes sense. When reading professional writing you are able to understand what is being sent to you and are able to make a good impression on whoever is reading your email. I hope this post makes you think next time you push the send button to make sure you read over the email one more time. It may take a few seconds, but save you from the embarrassment and miscommunication with coworkers, friends, and other in your professional field.

By: Luke Eddins

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