Should Indiana countinue to require cursive writing to be taught in public schools. Why? why not?

My position in the debate in whether or not to keep cursive requirement in the public school system is to continue teaching it.

I have looked up many adequate reasons as to why keeping cursive would be helpful. For example it is an elegant, timeless form of writing that shows more advanced skill levels, penmanship, and higher education. Also when it comes time for you to sign for a form of payment such as a credit card or signing for a check, it will be impossible for students later in life to accomplish that until other advances are made.

Cursive writing also becomes necessary when signing important government and federal documents, such as the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and Bill of Congress.  Not only is it important when signing documents, but it has also been around for many centuries and an art could die if cursive is taken away.

Not all people in the world were born right- handed and with the invention of cursive left-handed people were able to see their hand writing better than when they print, by tilting their paper, and with cursive starting bottom to top it was easier for left-handed people to read what they had already written.

Administrators have found that with the option of taking out cursive there wouldn’t be much of a cost difference because it costs ten dollars per student to teach

The use of cursive will also help with the young children, because it helps with the words not being choppy, and it advances fine motor skills at a younger age.

I do understand why they want to choose to take cursive away.  For example, other subjects like math, science, and social studies could suffer when taking more time to work on cursive.  Cursive throughout the years is coming to be known as a dead language and people would not want to restart the use of a dead language.

Along with cursive being a dead language, some people no longer have the skill level to learn how to write not only one new alphabet but two. The main problem letters are “d,” “p,” and “f.”

Some think that there are very few reasons to use cursive now days; however it’s not true because we need it for several things involving the privacy of our money, with the use of checks and credit card,  federal documents and their authenticity, and raising skill level of the younger age.

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