Is technology affecting hand written everything?

meandleoWhen I was in the second grade, I would get sent home with writing homework. Once I finished my spelling and vocabulary on the newsprint paper with the big green dashed lines, my dad would thoroughly critique it picking everything apart from misspelled words to erase marks that almost burnt holes in the paper. Although it was a royal pain to redo assignments over and over again until it met his expectations, I realized his reasoning as I got older.

Now as the technological age has severely put a footprint on the world, we notice that the almighty pen and pencil are slowly losing its place in the world. The constant use of many types of keyboards, whether it be computers, tablets, cellphones etc…, has definitely affected our hand writing and the things that are normally hand written. For example, while I was in basic training seven years ago, I had someone ask me how to address and envelope. At first I thought he was joking, but then I realized he was completely serious! He told me all he knew was how to write emails and never wrote a hand written letter before.

Not only have the norms started to become endangered the quality of what remains is at an all time low. Now that people use technology in every aspect, it has made our hand writing sloppy and illegible. The most writing people do anymore is sign when they swipe a card and that too involves digital screens! Now in grade schools they are receiving tablets to do homework and there have been talks of not teaching cursive anymore, saying its a dying art form. I understand we evolve as mankind but remembering our roots may be effective in the future.



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