What should be told to you?

People always wonder if their boss is telling them everything, sometimes it is everything and sometimes it isn’t. Generally employees want to know everything that is going on, but is that really a good thing? It might not always be a good thing to know what the boss is doing and what they are going to do. If an employee is not told certain information there is probably a good reason that information is kept from them. One of the biggest reasons is because the employee does not need to know the information, and it would just cause concern to tell them.

On the other hand it might help out the company if all of the employees knew what was going on. People would stop worrying about the information they were not being given and focus more on what their jobs are. There are benefits and drawbacks from employees having too much knowledge. The employees are not worried about what they are not being told, but also there is some information that executives would rather not be known by the employees.

Most of the information that would be kept from the employees would be the company’s financial status, salaries, and possible mergers with other companies. When it comes down to it that information really does not need to be in the hands of regular employees, and if they do know about it on a regular basis then that can cause worry throughout the company. For some companies it may be possible to tell the employees more, but for most it is a better idea to tell the employees as much as they need to do their jobs.

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