There are many communication styles in the workplace. Likewise, there are many barriers to communication that occur in the workplace. I will be discussing some common types of communication issues that I have encountered in the past for previous employers. One of the major communication issues that I have come across is misinformation or incomplete disclosure of information needed to complete certain tasks that have been assigned. When I say this I am referring to having a task delegated but not being given sufficient information in order to do the task as efficiently as possible. This can happen when multiple departments need to come together for a common purpose. It may happen because it is assumed everybody involved is aware of the information or it can happen because it is not information that is seen as a necessary part to disclose initially. Another form of a communication breakdown can happen when it is not understood which employee handles certain tasks. A large amount of time can be wasted when trying to hunt down where a certain document should go or who fields a certain request.

By Rikki Holmes, Psychology Major- IUPUC

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