Dance Moms Blog Project

For my blog project I got to choose a reality TV show that had an argument, and describe what happened, and how it should be handled in a business perspective.

The dance instructor Abby was talking about having a new student take place of two of her students that had been taking classes with her for 10 plus years. Kelli (the mom of the two girls) was very upset with Abby at one of the competitions because she told Kelli that if she was not happy with her teaching style then she should give her oldest daughter Brooke her costume to the new girl. So the new girl could go on stage and take Brooke’s spot. The new girls mother walks in at this time and tries to introduce herself to Kelli, and ask Kelli what her and her daughter were getting themselves into. Kelli promptly says a bully as a teacher. And then proceeds to tell her that Abby said her children look miserable so they should just quit. Abby quickly gets up and says, “Listen here dingbat I never said that.” While getting up in Kelli’s face as she is saying it. Kelli then yells, “Get your fat fingers out of my face.” So then as Kelli is saying this Abby starts chomping her teeth together like she is Ms. Packman, which then just enrages Kelli, so Kelli slaps Abby in the face and pulls her hair. After Abby gets free from Kelli’s hands, Kelli yells, “Get away from me” Abby turns away and walks about of the room and calls the cops. At the end of the episode it shows Kelli being escorted out of the building by cops, and Abby sitting in a dressing room crying.

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