What to do with a Resume

According to CALU.edu, there are 10 steps to building a great resume. The first step is to self-analyze. When self-analyzing you should think about the qualities that you feel you possess and that would be beneficial to the program and/or company in which you are applying for. The second step is to make sure format is correct. When formatting your resume, you want to do so chronologically by first listing your most recent employment and experience and ending with your least recent employment. Another key element to a great resume is to include contact information. Your name, address, phone number and email address are critical information to give your future employer. Without accurate contact information, the agency would not have any way to contact you if you were to be selected for an interview. Objectives are important to include in a resume, as it lets the employer know what position you desire and what you wish to accomplish from the desire position. When building a resume, you should include the education levels and degrees that you obtain. By including your education on your resume, it gives the employer an idea of what skills you possess as well as your ability and dedication to learning. Employment anywhere requires frequent learning in order to complete your job properly. Not only will your education level speak of the skills you possess, you should also list those skills along with ones that cannot be expressed through the degree you received. Hobbies and volunteer work are important to include in a resume ONLY if they pertain to the position in which you are applying for. Furthermore, references are essential to a great resume because it gives the company a list of individuals who have knowledge of your work skills and work ethic. Lastly, one of the most important elements to a great resume is to proofread before submission. Look for spelling errors, and ensure that your resume reflects the kind of person that you are. Ensure that it does not appear sloppy and is nicely presented to your potential employer.

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