Comparing Presentation Styles of Different Democratic Presidential Candidates

               The Democratic primary debate in Detroit features Congressman John Delaney, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Bernie Sanders. The debate starts with Mr. Sanders addressing the healthcare issue in America, immediately starting with an attack on Delaney. This aggression shown can sometimes benefit the speaker but, in this case, I believe that there was a better way to address this issue. To attack another candidate right off the bat seems to show that the speaker cares more about hurting the candidate than addressing the issue at hand. Although Mr. Sanders does address the facts about the issue, he could have spent more time on what exactly he wants to do different with the healthcare system. Mr. Delaney comes back with a different approach than Mr. Sanders, instead of directly attacking he starts with a statement about how he has a plan. He is noticeably less confident than Mr. Sanders was but he tries a little harder to connect with his audience by bringing up real life examples. Delaney is obviously nervous as he stumbles over his words at one point, this being completely different from the loud and proud Bernie Sanders who spoke with pride. Later in this debate Mayor Buttigieg is brought in and he is so much different than any candidate seen so far. While the others were louder, he keeps a calm tone during his time speaking. Mayor Buttigieg has a more approachable personality when speaking, he pays close attention to how he speaks, he tends to stay well mannered when addressed, at the same time he is also not afraid to call someone out calmly for being wrong. This type of presenting works better from what I can see, he shows the audience that he has the self-control not to lash out against other candidates which shows a lot of maturity coming from one of the youngest in the group.

By Jacob Reedy, Business Major- IUPUC

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