What Kind of Resume are You?

Time flies when you are having fun! One day, you’re graduating college and the next, you’ve been working 15 years. Now you’re at the height of your career and want to make a job switch, but you haven’t updated your resume in years. Do you use the same resume that kicked off your career? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

It’s time to revamp your resume. From when I graduated high school in 2011 to now, the rules of the resume game have changed. The content and structure that is included in your resume should be different from the beginning of your career versus the apex of your career.

Let me set the scene: You are about to graduate college and dive deep into the big world of the unknown: work life. Most students have had no work experience or just odd and end jobs that keep you off the ledge of riding the struggle bus while in school.

The best way to lay out your accomplishments is in the form of a functional resume that highlights skills and abilities. In the top partition of your resume you will want to list your GPA (if it’s a good one) and your most successful accomplishments. Social media is huge now, so make sure to include your LinkedIn profile for interviewers to view. You will want to list relevant course work that pertains to the field you are wanting to apply for if you have not completed any internships. If you had the opportunity to complete an internship, highlight that instead of relevant coursework. All volunteer experience counts! If you participated in any honors programs or leadership activities, make sure to include those as well. With work history not being a huge significance, keep your resume to one page! A new thing I’ve learned to save space is there isn’t a need to include references. When I first learned how to write resumes, references were a must. Now, leave them out. Don’t even include “can list references upon request”. Obviously, if you want the job and they ask, you will provide those. So, keep them in mind when needed.

Now, think ahead to having the career you have always wanted and it’s time to make a job change. Do you use the resume you updated 15 years ago? Probably not. It’s now time to completely revamp your resume and give it a whole new look. You have put in hard work over the years and you deserve to show it off.

A 2-page resume is acceptable at this point in your career. You want to use a hybrid or combination resume that lists your most relevant jobs starting with the most recent. You can list up to 15 previous roles, or you can list the ones that pertain to the role you are applying for. Education isn’t a focus anymore, so its good to list the university or degree you have, but no need to include your GPA. you had over 15 years ago. Make sure to include a cover letter! At the top portion of your resume you want to use quantifying accomplishments to list. You can list your accomplishments all day, but employers want to see numbers and what you really achieved. Facts speak louder than words.

This is an example of a functional resume template.
This is an example of a combination or hybrid resume template.

Keep in mind when creating your resume, in whatever stage of life you are in, a “good” resume is someone’s opinion. Everyone has one. These are guidelines to follow to make sure your resume reflects your best accomplishments and you! Good luck in any and all job endeavors.

– Christa Sterling IUPUC Business Management

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