Do You Hear What I Hear???


woman wearing headphones standing beside man

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Listening to me and Hearing me are two different things. How well do you listen? According to PR Daily, less than two percent of the country’s population, have had formal education on how to listen. Did that not just blow your mind, because mine is flabbergasted. We communicate everyday with people from around the world, only to realize what we are saying to each other is only being heard, and not comprehended. I have three quick points on how we can enhance our communication skills, by simply improving our listening abilities.

  1. Pay Attention
  2. Open Your Mind
  3. Interact

These tips do not have to be completed in order, but it is much easier to understand the conversation if you do. Let’s break these tips down into a simpler form.

  • Paying attention is the key to any conversation. This allows the sender and receiver the opportunity to feel each other out. It is also needed to retain pertinent information.
  • Open your mind to all ideas whether you feel like they are good or bad. You never know what someone else can bring to the table, not to mention we all fall short of knowing everything, so always be willing to learn something new.
  • Both the sender and the receiver should interact with each other. By doing this the other knows if the message sent is clear. Interaction could be as simple as eye contact or a nod of the head. The point is you are letting the other know you get it!

I have found in relationships with others in my life, communicating effectively is so important. Not understanding what someone is trying to tell you after they have said it over and over and you have heard it over and over is beyond frustrating. That is why during the communicating process, we must openly listen to each other and pay attention to the details in the message so that we can respond to effectively. Considering there are so many cultures that make up our country, some ways of getting a message across will vary. These steps might not work for every situation, but they can assist with the process.

Hot Chicks, Guns and “Bad Words” Sell Merchandise!

By: Cody J. Giordano

Gary Vaynerchuk is a media expert. Vaynerchuk recently said in a Facebook video that he does not want to make a conventional video. He would rather make something people enjoy watching with cues, such as logos and objects or merchandise within those commercials. All forms of advertising have a place, but newspapers and inkblots, alone, will not cut it in our technology-driven society. Advertising styles have changed dramatically.

Black Rifle Coffee Company does an amazing job at selling products without directly advertising them. The veteran-owned and operated company makes funny and outrageous videos on YouTube and Facebook. The videos depict attractive women (hot chicks), guns, extreme sports, nice cars and everything else guys, like me, can’t get enough of. Below are three videos from BRCC.

John Willis, the owner of Special Operations Equipment (SOE) and James Yeager, the “MFCEO” of Tactical Response, have gotten famous by being unapologetic business owners. SOE makes gear like gun belts, chest rigs, rifle slings, etc. Tactical Response is a firearms-fighting school. Both Yeager and Willis speak their mind. When someone doesn’t agree with them, they will fan the flames. This gets the customer fired up. That customer then runs to forums and social media outlets to complain about either businessman. This draws supporters, like myself, to defend Willis and/or Yeager. Willis says that this model works because it is like a traffic jam. Everyone stops to look at the car with a flat tire. This slows down traffic, and more people see the flat tire (his name). The people then flock to his page by the hundreds to buy products. Yeager uses this model to get new students to sign up for classes at Tactical Response. They call this firing customers. By not wasting time on one bad customer, they can help two or three good ones. Both can be seen on YouTube and Facebook doing this very well.

Times have changes, and so have advertising styles. Rather than try to convince you why their product is better or tell you all about their products/services, they give you entertaining content that has subtle hints towards their business.

Learning from Kid President

It doesn’t matter what someone is working on, they are sooner or later going to get tired and lose motivation in what they are doing. Everybody needs a pick me up every once in a while. A very good video to watch to get the motivation that is needed to finish the last stride of something is Kid President: Pep Talk. For those who have not seen this video, it is a little kid named Robby Novak who gives a little “pep talk” on how to get through something or even a rough patch in someone’s life.

In the beginning, he starts out by stating “stop being boring it’s easy to be boring everybody can be boring” this is saying be yourself. Don’t do what everybody else is doing, do something that makes you unique. Then, he goes into saying that “Life isn’t a game” and “If it was a game we would be on the same team”. This is stating that everything that we do is together. We all have to share this world so be kind to one another and work together. He goes into saying “this is life people we got air going through our nose and got a heartbeat that means it’s time to go do something”. He is stating you are still alive so don’t waste your time while you still have it. Go out and do what you want to do and follow your dream.

He goes into the Robert Frost poem “The Road Not Taken” and says the quote “Two roads diverged and I took the road less traveled”. He took the road that nobody takes or as some would say the harder road to take to complete a goal. Then he says “It hurt man! rocks, thorns, glass” and he even states that his pants broke. With him saying this it says that sometimes there isn’t an easy way to do something. A lot of time someone will have a rough time getting to a certain goal that they want to accomplish. After all of that though he says “I would lead the road to awesome” Which states after you get through that rough patch, and get through all the thorns and glass there is something special waiting for you at the end of the journey.

He goes into “What if Michael Jordan would have quit? What if he would have quit in high school when he didn’t make the team? Then he would have never made Space Jam.” Of Michael Jordan would have quit his goal and dream back in high school when he got cut, he wouldn’t have been one of the best players of all time and wouldn’t have made Space Jam. Kid President is meaning Space Jam as MJ’s something great that he accomplished and it would have never happened if he would have just given up and not followed through with his dream.

He encourages the audience with “What will your Space Jam be? What will you create that will make the world awesome? Nothing if you keep sitting there” This shows the audience listening to the video that nothing is just going to fall right into their laps. They have to put effort and work hard into what they want to accomplish in life and their goals. How will they ever find out if they can accomplish the journey if they just sit there and do nothing? One of the last things he says is “We can cry about it or we can dance about it” stating anybody can sit there and not do it and complain about it, or they can have a positive mind and look at what they will get after the goal they want is accomplished.

Kid President is a very excellent video for anybody who has not seen it I highly encourage you to watch it. If ever someone is feeling a little stressed or has a loss of motivation this is a very good video to watch. He says at the very end “What do I know. I’m just a kid.” If a kid can say all this stuff about be motivated and getting up and doing something an adult should be very motivated to go out and accomplish what they want.