Mama Drama

Only on Dance Moms would adult women try to claw their way through other people so their daughter could possibly be a star. While the daughters of these women are practicing the moms are bickering over whose daughter is dancing a solo, and who is being treated unfairly. Though I am not a parent, growing up I was told there is no I in team. The moms don’t often congratulate another girl for doing well. If they acknowledge another girls talent it often is followed with a steamy remark against the coach Abbie Lee Miller. Abbie doesn’t hide that she favors one of the girls. She often speaks highly of Maddie who many people have watched dance in a recent music video. In this episode of Dance Moms Maddie’s mom was asked if it would be okay for Abbie to pull her daughter Mckenzie from being the lead in a dance and replacing her with Maddie. Maddie’s mom then agreed. When alone with the other moms while the girls rehearsed Maddie’s mom was verbally attacked. The other moms called her a bad mother; they said she wasn’t thinking about Mckenzie and the group, that she was only worried about Maddie. This led to Maddie’s mom walking into rehearsal (which is not tolerated) and telling Abbie (in front of all the girls) that Maddie will not be doing the dance. At that moment I felt so bad for Maddie and Mckenzie. These girls put all that they could into learning the dance and it pirouetted right out of their sight with America and their peers to witness. As a business professional Abbie should have rehearsals private, team members only. Goodbye observation room! Abbie has to stand by her decision, if a mom feels disgruntled she should have them meet with her privately. They came to Abbie so their daughters could have opportunities at stardom. Abbie made no promises that this would be the case for all of the girls, or that the road would be fair. She pushes each girl to reach their full potential so the team will thrive. While I feel she cares about each girl it is clear that she sees more potential in some than others.

Judy Plath