America: Land of the free, home of Groupthink?


You may not know the term very well, but you are probably quite familiar with what it is. Group-think has long been associated with past events like the Nazi regime, the Challenger explosion, as well as the bombing of Pearl Harbor. In each of these instances, people have come forward after the fact and stated that at the time when some major decisions were being made, instead of saying they didn’t agree, they chose to “go along with” ideas or decisions that cost many people their lives. Things that could have possibly been avoided had someone stood up against the “group.”

Have you ever done something because numerous people you trusted suggested it, even if you didn’t do research on your own or really think about the consequences? Did you vote straight Republican or Democrat without examining the candidates voting record or beliefs? Perhaps you really didn’t even want to do something, but you went along with an idea of a group because you felt pressure to conform? That in a nutshell is group-think; conforming to the ideas and decisions of a group because of fear. While we all do these things in day to day life like choosing a restaurant or buying a brand of toothpaste, these instances are not going to cause you many issues. In large settings or when you help contribute to the making of a powerful decision, it can be a dangerous place to be in.

Group-think still happens in major ways today. We will see it in many forms come November. Even now the fear of being judged or treated poorly for simply not voting is a whole new wave of group-think. I have seen people who will vote simply because they are told they aren’t American if they don’t, while not even knowing the candidates’ names on the ballot.

By understanding the dangers of group-think, we begin holding ourselves accountable to our actions, diving into fear, and standing up for something that is right or we believe in, (especially when we are not in the majority.) While we know this is not an easy task, we are seeing people stand up all over the US today and make it known that fear will not stop them. From the Rosa Parks to the #metoo movement, standing up for what is right will always be the what makes America, the home of the BRAVE country it has always stood out to be.

-Christina Jones – Business and Communications Student – IUPUC

Trump and Social Media

Social media is a great platform to get your voice heard, but you always have to be careful of your audience. It is easy to go and make posts without thinking about the possible repercussions that could follow your actions. Over the time president trump has become a political figure, I have been following his social media. I have always been a firm believer that there is a fine line with professionalism when it comes to social media and it goes without saying that some our presidents tweets from his personal twitter account have been more than questionable. Our presidents tweets have gone as far as to be a form of cyber bullying. He has called people various names such as; clown, dummy, phony, dopey, and even called senator Rand Paul a spoiled brat. Someone who represents our nation should act more professional than what our president has.

I feel as the president of the united states, your social media posts should be supportive and full of words and advice for your followers. Many of the tweets I have seen trump post have been rude and somewhat disrespectful in very unnecessary situations. If he has issues with other peoples views and actions they have made, there are more mature ways to hand the situations rather than bash on social media.

In the grand scheme of things I have noticed that as he has moved along with his presidency, his social media has seemed to move toward a more professional account and that gives me hope for better posts from our president.

By: Jordan Johnson, Business Major IUPUC

Hillary Clinton For President: 2016

As most people know, Hillary Clinton is now running for the second time to be the President of The United States of America. Mrs. Clinton is the spouse of Mr. Bill Clinton who was previously a President of our great nation. Well, based off what has been said so far, here is some news that may shock you to say the least. Or, it may not surprise you at all. Hillary Clinton used her personal email for work and personal use when she was in office as the Secretary of State. Not only was it just her personal email, it was a whole email server dedicated to Mrs. Clinton. Yes, it was allowed by the government for her to do that as long as she turned in her government issued emails to the office when her work day was over. Mrs. Clinton had not given those emails up until about twenty-one months of being out of office. In August of 2014, the FBI opened an investigation regarding the confidentiality of the emails that Mrs. Clinton  was receiving from other government officials. She claimed that everyone had known that she was using a personal email except for the one person who really should’ve known. President Barack Obama claims he was not aware of Mrs. Clinton’s use of a personal email server for government use. In March of this year, she was asked to turn over her private email server but when asked, she declared her server to remain private. Just recently has Mrs. Clinton been acknowledging her mistake in using a private email server, as well as apologizing, Each time she apologizes, she has a different response claiming she wasn’t in the wrong for using a private server, she was just wrong for not establishing it with everyone she was sending and receiving emails. From a business perspective, there should be an email server dedicated to the business specifically and in order to share information about the business, employees should only be referred to the work email for use.

By Spencer Darringer, Sports Marketing and Management Major- IUPUC