How do scientists share research results without creating controversy?

For centuries scientists have been a vital part of our ecosystem evolving and progressing forward into the future. They have found cures for the world’s most devastating diseases and answered questions previously unknown to mankind. How can they manage these feats without causing a controversial uproar? They can solve issues of the most delicate matter without creating turmoil in the media and do so every day.

Scientists have learned through the years how to convey information that may be sensitive to the public in a way that is understood and accepted. They have learned to do this by not insulting the public’s intelligence, but also not overestimating their understanding of the issue. They provide clear examples and use terms and explanations that an average person is capable of understanding. Although, if conflict does arise, they have also started accepting conflict because one hundred percent of people are never going agree with any topic.

Instead of refusing to accept others ideas and suggestions, scientists now welcome them in hopes of creating an even better solution the problem at hand. The more diversity that is involved with fixing an issue, the more applicable the solution can be to everyone. Scientists know that they do not have answers for everything; that’s why they are open to hear criticism without immediately disputing the comment.

Above all, the most important thing is to be open an honest about controversial issues in the beginning. The quickest way to stir up drama is lying or misleading the public into creating it. Everyone knows, it’s always better to just tell the truth, and that still applies when presenting controversial information. As an example, if a celebrity was seen sneaking around with a stranger, and they did not recognize the issue, the public could see it in a variety of ways and then everything is blown out of proportion in a negative way. If they had came forward in the beginning and told the truth, the issue could have been taken care of in a better fashion.  

In conclusion, scientists have evolved the way they transmit information to us to keep the level of controversy down. They have taken different approaches presenting information based on the circumstance at hand and what is best suited for the situation. They know everyone won’t agree, and they are welcome to hear a different approach to the issue.


-Corey Hofelich