Google’s Image

Google was founded in 1995 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Larry and Sergey’s mission, or brand image they used in creating Google, was to figure out a way to display information that is effective and easily accesible. Larry and Sergey put this brand image of simplicity and effectiveness into action when they built the Google search engine. The Google search engine links important individual pages on the World Wide Web, and then displays these important individual pages back to the user.


Google also represents its’ brand image by implementing innovation of new design, as well as innovation of new methods of user interface. Google loves to use color to attract its’ user. From the bright blue carpet in the middle of its’ first headquarters, to the traditional blue, red, yellow, and green logo, color and design have been important to Google.

Communication through technology has always been Google’s way of penetrating the marketplace, and has worked out very well for them. Google now employs more than 60,000 employees worldwide and is known for other products besides the Google search engine such as Youtube and Android.


A business lesson that we can learn from Google, is that we should remain innovative and keep finding new ways to appeal to consumers through accessibility and effectiveness.


By: Hugh Hamill, Business Administration Major- IUPUC

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