Apology Gone Wrong!

On April 10, 2010 the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig owned and operated by PB Oil ignited and caused an explosion and the worst oil spill on earth to occur. The explosion caused more than 160 million gallons of oil to be dumped into the Gulf of Mexico. The spill reached every state that surrounded the Gulf Coast. The explosion caused 11 people to lose their lives, ocean life that was lost, and environment issues that came about.

On May 30, 2010 a couple months after the explosion the CEO of BP, Tony Hayward, got on camera to apologize for the disruption the spill has caused. What got everyone upset was after he apologized, he told the camera that he just wants his life back. After saying those words, the rest of the interview didn’t mean much to anyone. Also, during the interview Tony Hayward is showing no emotion about the incident making his apologize seem less sincere. When it comes to him talking about wanting his life back, he is seen slightly smiling, trying to make light out of the matter.

After the interview CNN just focused on him saying that one line. Just that part of the interview is what went viral. Those who saw the interview were commenting on it saying things like “Why should you get a life when those who lost theirs can’t”. That one comment took away from what the true focus needed to be on. Tony Hayward was acting selfish when he stated “I just want my life back. The apologize became so well-known it was part of an episode of South Park. South Park is seen making fun of the way CEO Tony Hayward is apologizing by showing no emotion and the words he used.

It took one day for Tony Hayward to realize he made a huge mistake by saying those words. He came back with an apology for his apology via Facebook. He stated that the comment he made was hurtful and thoughtless and then processed to apologize to the families who lost loved ones that day and those who were affected along the Gulf Coast.

When apologizing for something your company has done to someone else or something else, you should try to make light of the situation or talk about yourself. When Tony Hayward brought himself into the apology it took the apology and attention away from those who needed. Also, he shouldn’t of came back with another apology via Facebook. That apology should have been in front of the cameras. Anyone can write I am sorry down but those who are truly sorry, say it.

By: Jennifer Clarkson, Business Major IUPUC

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